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Category: Health > Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treating illness
and disease. It involves the insertion of tiny needles into points
of the body that are believed to be able to help the body heal
itself. It is a complementary therapy.

It is possible to treat the whole body just
by inserting needles into points on the ears. There is no
requirement to undress or lie down to receive this treatment the treatment will last about 40 minutes.
1 As Auricular acupuncture practitioner i am trained specifically to be able to administer a treatment that has been developed to help people relax and to relieve stress and anxiety.
One of the benefits of this treatment is that it can help people
sleep better
2 This treatment is also effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency, since it can reduce the withdrawal
symptoms for someone coming off drugs. It can also shorten the
withdrawal period.
You may feel sleepy – it is advisable not to drive directly after a
treatment for 1 hour.

I will insert 5 needles into each of your ears.
Point 1 Sympathetic – this has a strong pain killing action and relieves contractions of the intestinal organs. It may cause dilation of blood vessels and is used for treating pulse and spasms of the arteries and veins. It is also used for night sweats and involuntary perspiration.
2 Shenmen – calms the mind, treats insomnia and excessive sensitivity. It promotes lower abdominal circulation, harmonies liver function and reduces high blood pressure.
3 Kidney – strengthens kidney function, toughens lumber spine, assists urination and invigorates digestion.
4 Liver – regulates blood circulation, strengthens the stomach, relieves dizzy spells and faintness and strengthens digestion, relieves chest heaviness, general aches and pains, abdominal distension and depression.
5 Lungs – (upper or lower lung) – controls breathing and regulates body temperature. Promotes the circulation of oxygenated blood. Effective in treating diarrhoea
I have been specially trained
in inserting the needles and will ask you to breathe in a certain
way whilst they are inserting them.
The breathing technique you will be taught will minimize any
sensation you might feel whilst the needles are being inserted.

For any more details please contact me on

Prices are 6 sessions for 120.00 English Pounds (if you find this treatment cheaper please let me know but i dont think you will)

Cash will only be taken if client is 100% happy with the treatment after all 6 sessions

Price: £100.00 for 6 sessions

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