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Free money for newsagent!

I have some vouchers for The Times and The Sunday Times. As I never buy newspapers, I want to sell them to newsagents. They start from next week (21st April 2008) and end on 18th May 2008, consisting of four whole weeks (everyday). Monday--Friday 35p each, Saturday 70p each, and for The Sunday Times £1 each.

As newspaper retailers, you can redeem at the face value by returning the vouchers to your News International wholesaler for full credit, and a 1p handling charge within 28 days after the specified date. (The earliest one starts on 21st April, so you can return it by the middle of May, a lot of time ahead)

I have calculate the whole value of the four week vouchers, and it comes up to £13.80. A further 28p handling charge has to be deducted from it and then it comes up to £13.52. (That is how much you will have)

As it is absolutely free money for newsagents, I would like to sell them for £10 (I will handle the postage, so your £10 is the final fee for you).

But as it is free, the price will be negotiable. Please bear in mind that I have to pay for the envelope and postage, so don't push it too low.

Anyone who is interested in it, please contact me:

Price: £10

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Angel Translation
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Positive Feedback I have done it, and you can expect your free voucher within 21days. It really works!

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